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This eBook will help you, the small business owner or marketing professional, handle getting your businesses website redesigned.

I enjoyed working with Ashley. She provided great results for a new web design which was implemented on HubSpot.

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5 Most Common Oversights in Web Design

5 Most Common Oversights in Web Design

When you first embark on a web site design or redesign project, sometimes you’re distracted by the nitty gritty details: where are things going to go, what colors should be used? The website is also a shiny new thing you like to parade in front of others. Often, though, some of the most important things areContinue Reading

Branding: Control or Adapt?

Branding: Control or Adapt?

A question posed during my branding MOOC was: “To build a successful brand, is it better to control every aspect of the brand, or to encourage people to adopt it and adapt it?” Here’s my answer to that question. Apple is seen as one of the strongest brands out there. They’re known around the planetContinue Reading

7 Steps for Excellent Customer Service

7 Steps for Excellent Customer Service

Rarely does everything go to plan. There are hiccups, technical difficulties, communication delays and people are misunderstood. When the client speaks up about something it’s your job to respond in a manner that serves your business and solves their problem. Handle it poorly and your client will connect their customer experience to dealing with aContinue Reading